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"DR.Design uncovers the beauty never achieved".

Hello! My name is Daniela Regina and this is my portfolio.


" I enjoy what I do! "

Expertise creating the concept, visual identity and strategy development of all advertising media from briefing to final product highlighting their differentials.


" I'm ready to help! "

Friendly, detail oriented, self-starter, professional and responsible.I have the ability to understand client business, brand consistency and marketing objectives.


" Highlight the differential "

Know how to proactively contribute to project evolution and success, with natural talent for creating innovative ideas and for thinking conceptually about design.


" Let's continuo! "

I' am happy to have clients over 10 years. I have the ability to create a different idea with creativity. I'm committed and I'm glad to give the support for the entire project.

I am designer with extensive experience in digital, multimedia, graphic and product design. I was graduate in Industrial Design and today I'm studying Web Design at BCIT. I love what I do. If you need something, I will be glad to help you ! Call me on +1 (604) 563.7313, Email me, Skype me at daniatglisten, Msn or send me a message. If you just want to say hi, you can find a Quick Contact on the form at the end of the page. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

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