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"DR.Design uncovers the beauty never achieved".

How Can I help

I have extensive experience in digital, multimedia, graphic and product design. Please, Let me know what are you looking for.

My Goal its to create the best solution and ideas for your project. I do research, design, develop and produce the entire concept, visual identity and strategy development of all advertising media from initial briefing to final product highlighting their differentials.

I provide a complete support to get the best performance and result marketing your products and services, in the goal to reach your objective and target.

Web design is the major part of my service. In strict accordance with technical standards, keeping in mind a website specification, I create a sketch stressing individuality of a project. Following an approval, I am coding HTML and CSS, making alive Flash, implementing JavaScript, server-side scripts, databases, SEO, setting up CMS.

What are you looking for?



The Internet is the way cheaper, efficient fast and you don't lose the chance to make good businesses with an appearance and a well-developed navigation.

Conceptualize, elaborate, plan, design and implement the entire visual identity. Source, select and organize information for inclusion and design the appearance, layout and flow of the Web site.

DOMAIN: Administration of domain. I can help to create your domain: '' or to redirect to the hosting of the website. I guide and indicate the best way in the purchase of your domain or I can do it for you.

HOSTING: Web Hosting in the servers of the Web Sites or our business-oriented partners. I also offer to a hosting service in accordance with the necessities of the project. But your are free for choose other companies for these services. I have a cost of registration and an annual fee to host the website.

DEVELOPMENT: Develop Web site architecture and determine hardware and software requirements. Create and optimize content for the Web site using a variety of graphics, database, animation and other software. Organize text and graphics to be included and design the "look and feel" and flow of the website. Add functionality to website content through the use of graphics, animation and other software. Optimize the website by planning, designing, writing, modifying and testing website coding and usability.

ANIMATIONS: To create animations with Adobe Flash or animated GIF displaying the message desired. I elaborate an idea and animate it using images, texts, sounds, videos, draws and etc.

MAINTENANCE / UPDATES / SUPPORT: To maintain an update of Web site is important. This maintenance understands: existing modification of texts and images already, update of contents and insertion of new images, text and animations. Create new material or or direct mail for marketing of the website and your products

STATISTICIANS: Management and production of detailed statistical reports of visitation to the site.

MARKETING: Using different types of publicity as: 1. HOME PAGE: Website with updates for new releases with special treatment on the homepage with animations, banners Interactive and etc. 2. DIRECT EMAILS: To create a layout for new products and services to send by e-mail or divulgate a new update redirecting your website. The layout or animation is created from the briefing of my clients.

SEARCH MECHANISMS: To place your homepage in search mechanisms.

CONSULTING: Consulting and analysis of the market trends.

INTRANET: Research, design, develop and produce intranet sites layouts.

  • Screen-savers and Banners.
  • Email Marketing Personalized (invitations, launching of products, new features, events.
  • Animations for a certain projects with interactivity, display images, graphics, text and other content.


I enjoy creating personalized presentations in different formats developed in different medias for different events. I elaborate the idea and organize all the information that may include:

  • Videos, texts, animations, sound of yours preference, photos, images, etc.
  • Personalized Menus.

The idea of this service can be used to:

  • Divulgate your products and services in a different and effective way.
  • Keep your memories forever from different kind of event.
  • Give as a gift.
  • Display steps to teach how manage and learn something and etc.

I develop the presentation in accordance with a multimedia for the necessities of the customer, extending the power of sell your product. The presentations can be displayed in Shockwave, Power point Presentation or Animated GIF. Everything can be stored in a CD ROM in a practical and creative form.

PHOTOS, GRAPHICS, VIDEOS, SOUNDS, ANIMATIONS and TEXTS: Collect all the material, scan, edit, treat, close archives, organize and elaborate until the final product.

EVENTS: Corporative presentation, institutional, product catalogue, video, mini site, table of price, service, course, presentation for event, birthday, memories, album, biography, trip, party, marriage, other event. Photo and video transformed into animation, slide-show and much more.

MEDIAS: It could be developed in cd-rom, cd-card (business card digital), internet and email. Through a CD-ROM it is possible to integrate image, video, sound and interactivity in high quality.


I create and develop the entire visual identity of your projects. I create a logo, a corporate identity, introduce concepts. After a discussion I design final version, and provide prepress operations to make sure it is printed with an outstanding quality. It will be elaborated the graphic design of all printed materials:


  • Silver jewelry: design and production.
  • Creation, production and development of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, bracelet, key chains and accessories. They are made with different techniques developed in a variety of material as seeds, crystals, muranos, resins, clay, etc.
  • Creation and development o different techniques with Polymer Clay called FIMO

  • Paintings in Acrylic.
  • Paintings from Romero Britto.
  • Paintings from Canadian Aboriginal arts.

  • Compositions and paintings, drawing technician, illustration.
  • Woodcut, silkscreen, sculpture, signs and photograph.
  • Creation and drawings for projects in mosaic.

I can help you

  • Strategy of the brand and its conception.
  • Creation of the Visual Identity starting with the logo. Develop and plan a strategy to elaborate a digital, graphic or product design projects.
  • Graphics project as brands, business cards, postal cards, calendar, letter, menu for restaurants, stickers, newspaper, folder, digital paintings, etc.
  • Develop the entire structure of the website that include:
    • Set up the domain.
    • Hosting services with emails account.
    • Source, select and organize information for inclusion and design the appearance, layout and flow of the Web site. Develop Web site architecture.
    • Animations with Adobe Flash or animated GIF. Organize and edit all the images, graphics, text, video and audio.
    • Start to programming using HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, JQUERY or others.
    • Maintenance, support and updates of the website.
    • Statistics of the visitors.
    • Marketing on the web using resources to get in search mechanisms, direct emails with new releases, on the first page in the website or using others medias.
  • Consulting.
  • Presentations personalized for all kind of events with different ways to display and developed in different medias.
  • Jewelry. Elaborate and produce unique designs using different materials and techniques.
  • Painting using acrylic for custome paint.
  • Others as sculpture, photography, Woodcut and etc.
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